Everything Starts with a Single Step

March 11th marks a turning point in the life of Swiss travel agent Thomas Köhler. After the Tsunami and the nuclear disaster in Japan he loses all his customers, and eventually his job. Nevertheless, giving up is not an option. He decides to walk through Japan, 2900 kilometers from north to south, in order to show that not all of Japan is Fukushima. A trip of a lifetime starts through a country trying to cope with its biggest crisis since the end of World War II, but never losing hope for better days. The documentary film «Negative: Nothing» is a journey that changes the life of a travel agent forever and gives hope and strength to a nation. Even the longest journey starts with a single step.


Japan Tour 2012: Impressions & Reactions

The Journey of “Negative: Nothing”

Comments from the Audience


“Lonely, on the road, he encounters many people, simply using his body, he keeps going. Watching Thomas in this state is heart-warming. Because it feels like a microcosm of human life. A great documentary, in which encounters and good-byes repeat and a feeling of hope remains.”

– Rinko Kawauchi

“I strongly recommend 'Negative: Nothing' and sincerely hope that as many people as possible all over the world will see this documentary depicting Mr. Köhler’s strong will and love for Japan, both of which have given courage to the Japanese people at its most difficult time.”

– Ambassador Kazuyoshi Umemoto


“This film taught me courage and the warmth through human relationships.”

– Nana Sakuraoka

“Negative: Nothing is not a ‘travelogue film’ but a life story of one man, which inspires us a lot.”

– Chiho Iuchi

“negative:nothingとてもとても感銘を受け、感想は言葉にならないです。I’m really proud of being Japaneseと強く思いました。”

“Negative: Nothing left an unforgettable impression on me. I am at a loss for words trying to describe my emotions. I am proud of being Japanese, I thought over and over again.”

– Ayako Mizoue


“This film is an extraordinary warmhearted present from Switzerland to Japan.”

– Ai Koyama

“The film is a reflection of so many important themes in the lives of people these days.”

– Michelle Juhasz-Stevens

“It was wonderful movie. Thank you. I think all Japanese people should watch this and they will want to.”

– Yasushi Watanabe


“An extremely warmhearted film, which shows the good sides of Japan and the kindness of human beings.”

– Yasumasa Tomotoshi


“Look forward, without forgetting the past. Keep going. Spread the word. That's what this film taught me.”

– Ayako Mizoue

“Just want to say ‘being positive makes a difference’. A very impressive movie.”

– Kentaro Okamura


“A wonderful film full of tears, laughter and emotions.”

– Yoko Kinoshita

“This movie involved not only happy and funny things about a wonderful journey, but also sad things about 3/11. That was the best point.”

– Mayuko Arai

“The Best No-Special-Effect movie, but with a true effect on the heart!”

– Midori Ikematsu

“I was drawn into the story from the beginning to the very end. I couldn't have watched it without a handkerchief to wipe off my tears at many points of the film.”

– Yumiko Nishitani