Pre-order the DVD of “Negative: Nothing” below. We will start shipping during June 2015. By buying a DVD in advance you will be supporting the funding of the DVD production, which we finance completely independently.

DVD specs:

  • Subtitles: English, German and Japanese
  • Original Language: German, Japanese and English
  • Technical: 75 mins, stereo, 16:9
  • Region: Codefree
  • Format: DVD-PAL
  • Bonus 1: Independent Spirits – the Unlikely Story of a Small Documentary (14 mins)
  • Bonus 2: Thomas’ “Looking back on my journey” (9 mins)

Important note for customers from Japan and USA: this is a codefree DVD-PAL. It works on computers and laptops. In NTSC-countries such as the USA, Canada or Japan there might be DVD/BD-players, especially older ones, where this DVD might not work. We strongly recommend using DVD/BluRay players which have a built-in PAL to NTSC converter, such as Multi Region Code Free players.

CHF 42.00
+ CHF 8.00 for shipping and handling